Kylie Jenner's Lips

Kylie Jenner says she is “Over her Full Lips”

By admin, October 24, 2015

US Magazine reports that “Kylie Jenner, She of the Most Epic Pout, Is Over Her Full Lips”

Has the world just stopped spinning?! Kylie Jenner took to her app on Monday, Oct. 19, to make a huge confession to her legion of fans: She’s kind of over her notoriously plump pout.

In a video post entitled “Going Back to My ‘Classic Kylie’ Look,” Jenner, 18, revealed, “You know what’s weird? I’ve been into small lips lately. Like, I want them to look small, you know?”

Weird, indeed! The social media queen finally admitted to getting lip-plumping injections on the most recent season of her family’s hit E! series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. (She explained that she had always felt insecure about her lip size.)
Moreover, Jenner’s plush kisser is so renowned, it started its own viral craze (have you seen girls amping up their lips with glass cups?). The raven-haired beauty is even launching her own “Lip Kit,” a line of lip products to help girls replicate her intense makeup game.

Nevertheless, she did hint at a change while making over a friend a few posts back, noting that she didn’t want to “over-emphasize” the lips. And bonus: Jenner’s injections are temporary, so if she really wants to go back to her smaller, though perfectly lovely, lip size, she should be able to do so soon enough.

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