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Vampire Lips Tutorial, in time for Halloween!

By admin, October 24, 2015

Thanks to shows like “Vampire Diaries” and “True Blue,” as well as the unavoidable movie franchise the “Twilight Saga,” prepubescent teenage girls everywhere are clamoring to look just like the gorgeous vampires on screen that happen, coincidentally, to be played by gorgeous actors.

In this makeup tutorial you’ll learn how to create extremely plush blood red lips with a small trickle of blood down the side. While not one for meeting the parents, this evil and sexy look works for Halloween or vampire theme parties magically.

So once you have your vampire face done, next step would be to do the lips. For the lips we are going to start with a deep red lipstick. Today I will be using Mac color of Russian Red. And you are going to take a small lip brush, put a little bit of the red on there. I am just going to apply it towards the center of the lips, very center of the bottom and the very center of the top. Doesn’t matter how neat or clean it is. This is just going to give the effect of him as having just eaten. This is all going to be blended out later. After you got your red on, you are going to take another lip brush and just going to blend it outwards. Don’t want it to look like he is actually wearing lipstick. You are then going to take a deep plum purple color. I will be using a Faithfully Yours by Mac. Again, just coat the lip brush with the lipstick. After you got a good amount on there, you are just going to go right over the red. The purple is going to add to that more dead effect. After you got the color on, I am going to take a white sponge and then just going to smudge it out of it. Again you don’t want it too heavy so it doesn’t look like he is wearing lipstick. After the colors are applied, you are going to want to go back a little bit with the foundation that you used for his flesh tone, then lightly go over the area around the lips and again just blend in. After you have the color to the right kind of opacity that you like it, you are going to go in and add just a little bit of fake blood and you have your vampire lips.

Check the video below for step by step instructions:


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